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Players in our school year monthly competitive programs and summer programs have many opportunities to be coached in tournaments. There are many local, regional, and national tournament organizations. RPM Sand does not coach at all of the tournaments listed below, however players may participate in as many tournaments as they would like. Below you can learn more about the various tournament organizations and how to sign-up for their tournaments.

Local And National Tournaments


At the link above you will find a list of events all over the country to be played in. Look for events that are “bid events” in order to qualify for the national championships. If you are unsure as to which tournament to register for, by all means, ask us at practice. We would love to help guide you through it.


AZ JR BEACH- These tournaments are an incredible opportunity for players just getting their feet wet to start to play the game. We highly recomend these events for players that are new to the sport of beach volleyball before going to compete in national qualifier tournaments. They don’t have the pressure of national bid tournaments and they are a fun way to get the full tournament experience.

THE B.O.M.B. SERIES- These events are run by The Sand Club and are a great way to get tournament experience. You do not need a partner for these events and can just register as an individual. You will be paired with different partners throughout the event. We also highly recommend these events for those that are new to the sport of beach volleyball before going to compete in national qualifier tournaments. You can register for these at the link above.



BVCA- The BVCA is the organization that hosts the Club vs Club national Championship as well as its own pairs national championship. These events are both saturated with college recruiters as it is considered one of the best events of the summer. In the past bids have been given to clubs to directly give out to its teams. The club must qualify to be able to get its teams into the event. Bids are not given to individual teams through qualification, but rather to the club when the club qualifies.

AVP– As the most recognized name in beach volleyball, the AVP hosts its own juniors National Championship which is normally hosted right along side the AVP Hermosa Beach Open. This events is one of the best events of the summer as well, and is also saturated with college recruiters. This national championship needs a bid and it can be earned through a qualifying bid tournament and can be earned through a qualifying event as a team.

USA Junior Beach Tour- The USA Junior Beach Tour National Championship is the National Championship tied to USA volleyball. This national championship has the LEAST amount of chances locally to qualify for and if you want to play in it, you may need to go out of state to do so. Being that it is linked to USA Volleyball, you will also find quite a few college scouts in attendance. A bid is needed for this event and can be earned through a qualifying event as a team.

P1440- P1440 is the national championship that Kerri Walsh created. This event was held for the first time in California in 2019 and got very good reviews from those who attended. As it gains momentum, watch for it to draw more and more scouts as well. A bid is needed for this event and can be earned through a qualifying event as a team.

BVNE- While this organization has been around for some time, as a club, we have not yet attended its national championship. It is held on the east coast and we get more bang for our buck by attending all of the events in California which allows us to enjoy deals on longer term rentals for stays as well as tournaments up and down the coast on off days. If you are interested in attending an east coast school, this, however, may be a great option for you. A bid is needed for this event and can be earned through a qualifying event as a team.

AAU Is an organization that hosts two national tournaments each year.

The AAU Junior Olympics: A bid is needed for this event and while it is a very long running national championship, the format of it with multiple pools per day along with so many different brackets has proven to wear out our athletes who are playing in multiple other national tournaments in the summer. If you get a bid for this event and it is one of only a couple that you get, by all means, play in it and get the exposure that it provides. If you have multiple bids for multiple events this may be one that you decide to put on the back burner as your goal is to be as fresh as possible to be able to put your best foot forward at each event you play in.

The AAU National Championships. The National Championships are an “Open” event meaning that anyone can register. This is the best place for athletes to start who are wanting to test the waters of the national scene but haven’t earned a bid to other big national tournaments. If you don’t have any bids, or only have a couple, this is a great event for you to attend regardless of skill level.

FIVB– This is the international tour that allows athletes the chance to represent the United States. Check out our alumni stats page to see which of our athletes have had the opportunity to do so.

AVP Tour– This is the pro beach tour that our staff coaches on and we have athletes from our program competing on. Check out our alumni stats page to see who to cheer for!