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RPM Futures

This program is dedicated to those athletes who want to start playing the sport. The ones who have not played any beach volleyball yet but are interested in a fun and fast-paced environment in which they are sure to fall in love with the game, make new friends, and learn all of the basic skills necessary to be successful at the sport of beach volleyball. You need no prior experience to join this group.

14’s-16’s Club

Ok, so you have some beach volleyball skills but you are not yet ready to travel all over the place to play it. This is the group for you. Our club group is focused on taking the basic skills and applying them to all of the basic movements necessary to compete in the sport. In order to be a part of this group, athletes need to be able to serve, pass, set, and hit with consistency. This group will be required to compete in local tournaments but do not have to go to national qualifier tournaments if they choose not to. In order to move out of this group and onto our 16’s travel group, players will need to be extremely consistent with location of their serve, passing, setting, and hitting. They must also play in tournaments on a consistent basis to help to develop their game strategies.

16’s Competitive

This is the group in which players make their first steps toward college. They have decided by this point that beach volleyball is for them and are ready to get serious with their training. These players are the ones who not only come to practice and train, play in tournaments and national qualifiers, and travel to do so. These are also the players that consistently get out on their own and work on skills they are working on in practice. They are the players who have the passion for the game and are interested in starting their recruiting journey. They play in tournaments 3-4 times per month (if not more). This group focuses on all of the transition and strategy needed to win matches but also the skills to execute those strategies. We develop not only volleyball players, but also thinkers who can problem solve on the court.

18’s Competitive

RPM Sand 18’s are nationally recognized as some of the best players in the country consistently. These are the players who have jumped in with both feet and started to sprint toward their goals with the sport. It is not uncommon for this group to have players from out of state clubs come in to train with it. While not all athletes who are in this program decide to pursue beach volleyball at the collegiate level, they are all well prepared to. The focus of this group is to polish each player’s game and help them to make their game their own. RPM 18’s have a tradition of being highly recruited athletes for college. The overwhelming majority of RPM Sand 18’s go on to compete at the collegiate level and the majority of those are D1 athletes.


Pricing for our programs has dropped thanks to our sponsors! New pricing is as follows!

Futures: $35/session

$350 up to 3x per week

3 times a week= $400
4 times a week= $450

Drop in rate: $55/session