2021- Hailey Harward (USC)

Updated 4/16/2021Added:
Deleted: #2 USC- Hailey Harward 
Deleted: #3 LSU- Claire Coppola, Kelli Agnew, Brooke Blutreich 
Deleted: #6 Cal Poly- Macy Gordon, Jayelin Lombard 
Deleted: #7 TCU- Caroline White, Trinity Cavanaugh 
Deleted: #8 GCU- Alina Randall, Alyssa Garber 
Deleted: #9 UofA- Makenna Martin, Olivia Hallaran, Lauren Orlich, Dana Parker, Alana Rennie 
Deleted: #10 Stanford- Abby Converse
Claire Coppola, First Team (2016)Added:
Deleted: Hailey Harward, Honorable Mention (2016) 
Deleted: Trinity Cavanaugh, Second Team (2019)
College Division Champions (2017 – Coppola/Harward)Added:
Deleted: College Division Champions (2018 – Coppola/Harward)

14 & Under Champions (2018 – Broadway/McCloskey)

18 & Under Champions (2014 – Roh/Mertz)

14 & Under Champions (2017 – Broadway/Wise)

18 & Under Champions (2019 – Sweeney/Randall)

Claire Coppola (2017, 2018, 2019)Added:
Deleted: Hailey Harward (2017, 2018)
Claire CoppolaAdded:
Deleted: Kristen Nuss 
Deleted: Sarah Sponcil 
Deleted: Terese Cannon 
Deleted: Lauren Fendrick 
Deleted: Hailey Harward 
Deleted: Chase Budinger 
Deleted: Casey Patterson 
Deleted: Jake Gibb
Casey PattersonAdded:
Deleted: Jake Gibb 
Deleted: Lauren Fendrick 
Jayelin Lombard (2016)Added:
Deleted: Madalyn Roh (2015) 
Deleted: Jenna Tunnel (2014)
Claire Coppola (2015)Added:
Deleted: Katie Cross (2015) 
Deleted: Lexi Ham (2015) 
Deleted: Bethany Wedephol (2015) 
Deleted: Mary Shroll (2015) 
Deleted: Madalyn Roh (2013, 2014) 
Deleted: Lydia Rush (2014, 2015) 
Deleted: Hailey Harward (2014, 2015) 
Deleted: Trinity Cavanaugh (2018)
Claire Coppola- 3rd Most Career Wins In NCAA HistoryAdded:
Deleted: Claire Coppola- 1 of 3 pairs in NCAA History to have over 100 wins
Addi Campbell 9thAdded:
Deleted: Alana Rennie 4th, 5th, and 9th x3 
Deleted: Alina Randall 1st 
Deleted: Alyssa Garber 5th, 9th 
Deleted: Andie Purdy 9th x3 
Deleted: Brisa Reeves 9th 
Deleted: Brooke Bluetreich 3rd, 5th x3, 9th 
Deleted: Canon Bongard 5th, 9th 
Deleted: Caprice Lorenzo 5th, 9th 
Deleted: Caroline Whilte 5th 
Deleted: Cierra Flood 5th 
Deleted: Claire Coppola 1st x2, 3rd x2 
Deleted: Dana parker 3rd 
Deleted: DevynWiest 3rd 
Deleted: Ellie McDonald 5th, 9th 
Deleted: Hailey Harward 1st x2, 3rd 
Deleted: Jelina Lynch 9th 
Deleted: Jessica Villela 9th x2 
Deleted: Kale Welborn 5th 
Deleted: Kaydon Meyers 5th x2 
Deleted: Kelli Agnew 5th, 9th 
Deleted: Kendal Murphy 3rd, 5th x2 
Deleted: Kiera Hall 9th 
Deleted: Kylee Davis 9th 
Deleted: Lauren Pierik 3rd, 9th 
Deleted: Lexi Sweeney 1st, 5th, 9th 
Deleted: Macy Gordon 3rd, 5th 
Deleted: Madalyn Roh 1st 
Deleted: Makenzie Wise 1st 
Deleted: Matea Suan 9th 
Deleted: Morgyn Seibel 9th 
Deleted: Olivia Lenz 9th 
Deleted: Sarah Lewis 5th 
Deleted: Serena Turner 9th 
Deleted: Sophie Notaro 5th, 9th 
Deleted: Summer Mccann 3rd x2 
Deleted: Sydney Broadway 1st x2, 5th x3 
Deleted: Taryn Ames 3rd, 5th x3, 9th x2 
Deleted: Trinity Cavanaugh 5th, 9th x2