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Rpm Sand


NCAA National Champions from RPM Sand

2021- Hailey Harward (USC)

RPM Players CURRENTLY On The Top 10 NCAA Teams

Updated 4/16/2021

#2 USC- Hailey Harward

#3 LSU- Claire Coppola, Kelli Agnew, Brooke Blutreich

#6 Cal Poly- Macy Gordon, Jayelin Lombard

#7 TCU- Caroline White, Trinity Cavanaugh

#8 GCU- Alina Randall, Alyssa Garber

#9 UofA- Makenna Martin, Olivia Hallaran, Lauren Orlich, Dana Parker, Alana Rennie

#10 Stanford- Abby Converse

High School All-Americans

Claire Coppola, First Team (2016)
Hailey Harward, Honorable Mention (2016)
Trinity Cavanaugh, Second Team (2019)

BVCA National Champions

College Division Champions (2017 - Coppola/Harward)
College Division Champions (2018 - Coppola/Harward)

AAU Junior Olympic Champions

14 & Under Champions (2018 - Broadway/McCloskey)

AAU National Champions

18 & Under Champions (2014 - Roh/Mertz)

AVP First National Champions

14 & Under Champions (2017 - Broadway/Wise)

USAV Beach Tour Junior National Champions

18 & Under Champions (2019 - Sweeney/Randall)

AVP Pro's From RPM Sand

Claire Coppola (2017, 2018, 2019)
Hailey Harward (2017, 2018)

AVP Pro's RPM Sand Coaches Have Coached

Claire Coppola
Kristen Nuss
Sarah Sponcil
Terese Cannon
Lauren Fendrick
Hailey Harward
Chase Budinger
Casey Patterson
Jake Gibb

Olympians RPM Coaches Have Coached

Casey Patterson
Jake Gibb
Lauren Fendrick

USAV A1 Team Players

Jayelin Lombard (2016)
Madalyn Roh (2015)
Jenna Tunnel (2014)

USAV A2 Players

Claire Coppola (2015)
Katie Cross (2015)
Lexi Ham (2015)
Bethany Wedephol (2015)
Mary Shroll (2015)
Madalyn Roh (2013, 2014)
Lydia Rush (2014, 2015)
Hailey Harward (2014, 2015)
Trinity Cavanaugh (2018)

Collegiate Records RPM Players Hold

Claire Coppola- 3rd Most Career Wins In NCAA History
Claire Coppola- 1 of 3 pairs in NCAA History to have over 100 wins

Top 10 GOLD Finishes at National Championships

Addi Campbell 9th
Alana Rennie 4th, 5th, and 9th x3
Alina Randall 1st
Alyssa Garber 5th, 9th
Andie Purdy 9th x3
Brisa Reeves 9th
Brooke Bluetreich 3rd, 5th x3, 9th
Canon Bongard 5th, 9th
Caprice Lorenzo 5th, 9th
Caroline Whilte 5th
Cierra Flood 5th
Claire Coppola 1st x2, 3rd x2
Dana parker 3rd
DevynWiest 3rd
Ellie McDonald 5th, 9th
Hailey Harward 1st x2, 3rd
Jelina Lynch 9th
Jessica Villela 9th x2
Kale Welborn 5th
Kaydon Meyers 5th x2
Kelli Agnew 5th, 9th
Kendal Murphy 3rd, 5th x2
Kiera Hall 9th
Kylee Davis 9th
Lauren Pierik 3rd, 9th
Lexi Sweeney 1st, 5th, 9th
Macy Gordon 3rd, 5th
Madalyn Roh 1st
Makenzie Wise 1st
Matea Suan 9th
Morgyn Seibel 9th
Olivia Lenz 9th
Sarah Lewis 5th
Serena Turner 9th
Sophie Notaro 5th, 9th
Summer Mccann 3rd x2
Sydney Broadway 1st x2, 5th x3
Taryn Ames 3rd, 5th x3, 9th x2
Trinity Cavanaugh 5th, 9th x2

BVCA Club Ranking by Year

2020- 3rd